ELS is committed to Quality Service for our Customers...

Our clients are the basis of our business.  Every project is carefully monitored through every step of the process to ensure the highest possible accuracy.  We encourage our clients to speak with the Laboratory Manager and/or project coordinators when questions or special situations arise.

Our capabilities include analysis of water, wastewater, sludge, soils, and sediments.  Our areas of specialization include full field service capabilities, water and wastewater plant consultation and technical support, as well as a full range of analytical laboratory analysis.

Our analytical capabilities include the following tests.  We are able to efficiently handle additional analysis such as TCLP and organics at competitive prices through our volume discounts with certified facilities.  Please contact us to discuss your analytical needs.

General Chemistry Method
Acidity EPA 305.1
Alkalinity EPA 310.1
Biochemical Oxygen Demand EPA 405.1
Chemical Oxygen Demand EPA 410.4
Chloride EPA 325.3
Color EPA 110.2
Hardness EPA 130.2
Nitrogen, Ammonia EPA 350.2
Nitrogen, Nitrate/Nitrite EPA 353.3
Nitrogen, Total Kjeldahl EPA 351.3
Oil & Grease EPA 413.1
pH EPA 150.1
Phosphorus EPA 365.2
Solids, Total EPA 160.3
Solids, Total Dissolved EPA 160.1
Solids, Total Suspended EPA 160.2
Solids, Volatile EPA 160.4
Turbidity EPA 180.1
Metals Method
Antimony EPA 204.1
Cadmium EPA 213.1
Calcium EPA 215.1
Chromium EPA 218.1
Cobalt EPA 219.1
Copper EPA 220.1
Iron EPA 236.1
Lead EPA 239.1
Magnesium EPA 242.1
Manganese EPA 243.1
Nickel EPA 249.1
Potassium EPA 258.1
Silver EPA 272.1
Sodium EPA 273.1
Zinc EPA 289.1
Bacteriological Method
Total Coliform (Presence/Absence) SM-9223B
E-coli (Presence/Absence) SM-9223B
Total Coliform SM-9222B
Fecal Coliform (Membrane Filtration) SM-9222D
Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC) Simplate
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